Behold almighty doctrine

by Lecherous Nocturne

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released March 19, 2013



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Lecherous Nocturne South Carolina

Since their debut in 1997, Lecherous Nocturne have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide metal scene, landing a deal with Unique Leader Records on the strength of their self-titled EP and their desire to expand the already-extreme boundaries of thrash, black, and death metal. ... more

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Track Name: Ouroboros chains
Gluttonous savages scrambling aimlessly
Towards inevitable thoughtless oblivion
Cannot appeal to the masters of everything
Scowling from mountain view
Trying in vain to please
Fools Will not understand
Cannot understand
Pointless waste of time
Selfish elitist view
Tearing down
All construction of lucid palace
that was once
Saving grace from constant torture
of internal infestation
Soul-destroying spiders
Knitting their devices
A place of peace has been denied
By constant missteps and delusions
I have already died
This is a final call to regenerate
damages suffered from
lacking experience
Bitter in vanity
Absorbing that which I wish to deny
Tarnishing purity
Becoming that which a leper applies
Distancing sanity
Becomes obscurity
Feeding my enemy
Envious miscreant
Distorting my intent
Scalpel of dissonance
Who is the hypocrite
This sole desire is to achieve that place
where we have conquered our own disgrace
We must understand
We shall understand
or we've already died
Tearing down
All construction of lucid palace
that was once
Saving grace from constant torture
of internal infestation
Soul-destroying spiders
Knitting their devices
Track Name: Bring the void
Awakening of the vast endlessness
Hidden fate to man's ineffable destiny
Unbound by time
infinite darkness pervades...
Monolithic tunnels leading to no end
Rupture the cosmic balance
A veil of unmerciful blackness
Eradicates this hollowed existence
Leaving none to return
Decimation breeds only purity
To cleanse this flawed rotten utopia
A cancerous-borne deformity
To be exorcised within the abyss
Mundane parasites
shall no longer infest
No more illusions
No more tests
Bring the void
Eternal Death
The Second Advent
Unbound by time
Humanity’s final demise
Bring the void
Eternal Death
Bring the void
Eternal Death
Bring the void
Eternal Death
Bring the void
Eternal Death
Track Name: Archeopteryx
Predisposed to wither away
Pallid squalor of this host
gathering for a feast of talons
Sedimentary allusions of
devolving generation strain
Fossilizing sentient decay
Generates archaic display
Transitory hybrid revealed to the light
Fractured phylogenetic intent of taking to flight
Paragon's elation gone
Frozen death mask's agonized resolve
Once engendered virtue fading
Cease and desist
Already turned to stone
Impartial minds cannot survive this storm
of stone from which our broken bones are torn
Panacea out of reach
Affectation twisted wings
Calcifying slowly
Having rejected the Bodhisattva
Candor's replaced by a hatred that takes to the skies
Avian construction to ascend
but can't deny the features that
condemn our savage reptilian soul
that's already turned to stone
Impartial minds cannot survive this storm
of stone from which our broken bones are torn
An existential acolyte is born
An archaeopteryx has taken form
Arthritic contorting icons
Analyzed by future races
Sedimentary allusions of
devolving generation strain
Predisposed to wither away
Superseded by those who have not decayed
Track Name: Those having been hidden away
Fingers of occultaclysmic shadow
Flames from which Templars gasp
Pious observers not even ash
Continue their influence on the ignorant and the learned
Those who once were revered
long arm of pontificate
Arbiter's judging hand
Fearing what they think they know
Heretics offered as fuel
Unaware hypocrisy is spoken
From the mouths of kings
Kings who forget they didn't crown themselves
Speak the very words
Gnostics kissed a blazing stake for
Misconceived beliefs
coupled with a silken tongue
Transforms gilded glory
into shreds of faded heraldry
Accusing Smiling grin of cinders
Still mocks blind men self assure
If but brief calm could be achieved
Screaming charred limbs taste of Templar's blood
We did not see what we buried
In pride we did not remember
cannot avoid cyclic deconstruction
nor will we change and recall those having been hidden away
Track Name: Judgments and curses
Twisted tongues whisper acts of betrayal
Ceremonial rites fall into blind sanctity
Drinking from the poisoned wells of morality
Subverting justice for faith
The stereotype worshiped and adorned
Struck by chains of ignorance
Vermin feast upon vermin
Passing judgment seeping with curse
A kingdom created from measurements malign
Exorbitant structural guidelines
Denouncing the outer limits of unreality
Worms exchanging truth for lies
Inventors of heresy
Condemning any who resist
Reality stands unreal to those who have awakened
Heralding the eternal dark truth
A curse more powerful than any judgment
Devouring the shepherds of man
Track Name: Lesions from vicious plague
Scarified sickly gaze from sullen faces looking on
Tell-tale signs of disease within their souls and their minds
Sightless eyes cannot see beyond the present
knowing their withered limbs will no longer build a future they don't have
Apathy resulting from hopelessness
Symptomatic discoloration of the flesh
one should know by sight
Accompanied by a mild sense of slight discomfort
is often temporarily ignored
only the first symptom
it's already too late
next the skin is broken
Allows corruption
Shedding frantic discharge
Dementia sets in
aberrant behavior
fully taking hold
Nonexistent cure Mark of Cain Prognosis death
Pre engineered by regimes seeking total control
Playing god has achieved
the genesis of apocalypse
Inflicting us with agony
and lesions from this vicious plague
consummate infection in grim display
The skin has split siphons every invention
of this sea of disease
Immunity bows to every intention
hear the whispers of its voice
Lofty in its triumph wearing crown of deception
persuading victims they have a choice
Monarch of all sickness
Has within its clutch
the will of this sphere
conquering all
They didn't even know
what was clearly gathering
at their very doors
When it chose to enter their lives
there was not even sense to realize
that they'd already been taken
Nonexistent cure Mark of Cain
It is here
It's been here for quite some time getting close.
Do you hear it coming
Don't you feel it growing
Track Name: Caustic vertigo
Suddenly surrounded by a gripping fear
Stillness brings not rest but terror
A realization donning
Vortex is a swarming void
That contains paralyzing scenes
Of pain consequence rivers grim
In a panic I am thrust
Through a crevice of doubt and mistrust
Generating claustrophobic
Respiration constriction
Self control is fading
Violent current tearing me
Forcing applications of dissolving lust
Nothing I've become in this caustic vertigo
Disbelief my senses weaken
Drowning in a whirlpool
Preparation disregarded
by consuming presence
Rapid pulse becomes arrhythmic
Fingers letting go slipping away
My eyes are sewn shut but I see
endless atrocities that may soon come to be
I must not capsize like victims of hindsight
A derelict descends to the deep the dark
Helpless to resist this caustic vertigo
Fighting failing breath
Falling goals not met
Panic overwhelming
Tremors cardiac arrest
Generating claustrophobic
Respiration constriction
Self control is fading
as I plummet towards the edge
Psychotropic dissonance is
Forcing applications of my deepest fears
Track Name: Creation continuum
Cast out from the bounds of creation
Ancient royal masters robed in bleeding darkness
Lurking within eternity’s shadow
Emanating forces of sacred horror
Baptized in black primordial waters
Soulless vile ecstasy embraced
Wandering amidst the fathomless dread incarnate
Progressive evilution by mystical inversion
Untamable beasts of Nature primeval
Denied by the sky at birth
Inhuman curse
Sworn to the destruction of the hero
to make way for the roads to naught
Inherent sense to destroy the All
Monsters far worse than the imagination
Cast out from the bounds of creation
Ancient royal masters robed in bleeding darkness
Titans of desolation